Other Openings

The following is a listing of the immediate non-transport volunteer openings within TBH. Underlined positions are most needed at present. Interested individuals should call the Voice Mail System at (727) 538-7777 Ext. 1. Please state which position you are interested in when leaving a message. 

Special Events- Volunteers are needed for one-time or multiple-time events. See "Special Events" section for the available opportunities.

Coordinators – These volunteers maintain communication with donors and the volunteers for specific transportation routes, assign back up volunteers to cover transport openings and report monthly to the Vice President of Coordination.

New Volunteer Coordinator - Responsible for contacting  new volunteers and exchanging information. Help place new volunteers.

Pinellas County School coordinator - Oversee the pickup and deliveries at 109 schools, which are picked up once a week. All have existing routes but the coordinator will need to find substitutes or replacements as needed.

Operations Manager/Poundage report assistants - Three volunteers (2 in Pinellas and 1 in Hillsborough) to track down poundage reports that have not been called in. Must have good phone and organizational skills.

Food Drive Coordinator - Responsible for managing all aspects of the food drives held to benefit TBH each year. Involves communication with Special Events coordinator as well as other committees in order to meet the unique needs of the companies holding the food drives.

Dispatcher - This individual would be willing to accept the responsibility of responding to the needs of new and special needs donors. That person would work with other management team members to determine the Four W’s (Who, What, Where, and When,) and the CT (Coordinator/Transport Team) to establish a route, or to dispatch a transport volunteer as needed. An established route will then be turned over to the assigned coordinator for ongoing management.

Voice Mail Receptionists – Responsible for retrieving the messages from our Voice Mail System during a shift once a week. We have 3 shifts per day (morning, afternoons, and evenings) 7 days a week. Currently there are several openings. This can be done from home or work and 1hour of training is required.

Thank You Experts - Individuals willing to go out of their way to express the appreciation of TBH. We are forming a Donor Appreciation Committee. This committee is responsible for: sending "Welcoming Note" and general information to new food donors; presenting appreciation plaques to the food donors who have participated in the TBH Program for one or more years; and, sending thank you notes to our food donors.  

Donor Relations Coordinator - Responsible for coordinating the activities of the "Donor Relations Committee" members. (See "Thank You Experts" above.)
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