Adopt-a-Donor Program

TAMPA BAY HARVEST has designed its Adopt-a-Donor Program to enable employees of local businesses, as well as members of local civic, religious and social organizations, to join together, as a group, as volunteers to help TAMPA BAY HARVEST fulfill its mission of "working to end hunger in our community". The structure of the Adopt-a-Donor Program allows employees and members of both small and large organizations and clubs to volunteer their services to the community while keeping their individual time commitments to a minimum. For example, some current Adopt-a-Donor Groups have between twenty and thirty members. Assuming that the group transports donated food from a donor that participates on a five-day-per-week schedule, having twenty members means that each individual group member’s time commitment is approximately one hour per month. With thirty volunteers the time requirement per person is only approximately eight hours per year.

The "large group and five-day-per-week" scenario above has been used as an example. Small groups consisting of as few as three or four members can and will be accommodated. While TBH has many daily donors, we also have donors that donate once a week, twice a week, etc. No matter how small or large your organization is, we need your help in our war against hunger in the Tampa Bay area.

Forming an Adopt-A-Donor group is quite easy. Organizations wishing to form an Adopt-A- Donor group must first assign either a single person or a two or three person team to work with a Tampa Bay Harvest volunteer during the organizational phase. Tama Bay Harvest will assign an experienced volunteer to assist the group during the organizational and startup phases. Once the Adopt-A-Donor Group has been organized, one member of the Group is appointed as the Group’s coordinator. This member will be responsible for the overall management of the group and for interfacing with the Tampa Bay Harvest management team.

Once the Group is formed and the coordinator named, Tampa Bay Harvest will assign a donor and recipient agency to the Group. The donor and recipient will be located in an area convenient to the Group. It is always our intent to assign donors and recipient agencies to Adopt-A-Donor groups so that the total time required for a volunteer to pick up and deliver the donated food will be less than one hour per day.

To receive additional information on forming an Adopt-A-Donor group, please call Tampa Bay Harvest today 727-538-7777. A volunteer from Tampa Bay Harvest will return your call and set in motion the process of assisting your organization with the formation of your Adopt-A-Donor Group.

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