The Sustainable Living Project

We are moving along with the Sustainable Living Project, located in Tampa at 918 West Sligh AveAs of March 7th we have installed and planted 10 of the proposed 12 "Grow Boxes" David and his crew from Whitwam Organics, have the irrigation system in place and are going forward with the installation of seedling tables, composting set ups and much, much more.

This was done after Larry and Lee from L.C. Land Clearing took out 8 dead trees, some Brazilian pepper plants, three foundations, rubbish and most anything else you can think of.

Jill and a crew of some 20 volunteers are on stand by and ready to get to work.

To volunteer on this project, donate to this project, and/or more information please contact Jill at; or Will Carey at 727-538-7777

Wish List

  • Solar Generator
  • Scale 200 lbs. (minimum)
  • Bobcat or evo-friendly equivalent for composting operation and future retail operation
  • Work Station with sinks; we can build from a raw materials donation, too!
  • Storage shed and light with heavy duty shelving; we can build from a raw materials donation, too!
  • 16ft cedar planks, 2 X 4s, Chicken Wire, Fencing
  • Wheel barrows (big and small)
  • Shovels, Hoses, Gloves, Pitchforks
  • Tote bins of all sizes
  • Rain Barrels, PVC, any PVC Pieces/Parts
  • Solar Panels
  • Printing/Graphic services/T-shirts
  • Monetary donations(can be mailed or donated online)

Our NEW SLP Permanent Sign

Tampa Bay Harvest Sustainability Living Project Permanent Sign

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