Donating to Tampa Bay Harvest

Tampa Bay Harvest operates through sponsors who are necessary for our continued operations. Sponsorship can be through either cash or non-cash. Non-cash donations for most organizations are referred to as in-kind donations.

In-Kind Donations: Our Wish List

  • Lap-top computer
  • Dry ink and cartridges for xerox xd105f copier/printer
  • A new copier/printer
  • White printer/copier paper and envelopes
  • Plain paper for a fax/answering machine
  • Gallon size zip lock plastic bags. (tbh consumes 2.5-3 pallets of bags per year)
  • Postage stamps
  • Door prizes for annual volunteer appreciation which could include advertising specialty items with company logo,  pens, coffee mugs, visors, t- shirts, polo shirts
  • Printing- tbh banner, newsletter, brochures, letterhead, business cards
  • 10 x 10 canopy cover


You be the hero of the day

Thankfully, most TBH donors provide their own containers. There are however, some locations that require us to provide containers for them as a condition to their participation. Such proves to be a constant challenge for TBH as we have no centralized office and no funds to purchase such items. Providing containers to the correct volunteer in the correct area of the community is an issue that must be addressed every day of the year. Our solution is to provide freezer bags direct to the donor.  

If you would like to assist in this area you may contact Anne Bromberg via e-mail (, or phone (727-538-7777)  to make arrangements to either have the bags picked up or to deliver them to a location near you. If you wish to donate funds to be used to purchase bags you should contact Tampa Bay Harvest at 727-538-7777 or email us at Email Tampa Bay Harvest at

Can you spare a box of gallon size freezer bags? It’s a simple inexpensive way to help us Bag-A-Meal.

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