By Tampa Bay Harvest on 4/20/2012 7:44 PM
Every organization depends on the people in the trenches. The volunteers are the backbone of T.B.H..With out volunteers T.B.H. would not exist.Not only are they the un-sung heros but most of them have never been sung to.

There are volunteers that have been with T.B.H. for decades and have never heard from a director or a board member. Why? Because they:

  • Call in thier poundage daily.
  • Find thier own replacements when on vacation.
  • Solve their own problems.

In an effort to assist our greatest asset, "our volunteers", the board is currently looking for a volunteer cordinator with the time to be a liaison between the volunteers and the board. The board needs to hear from volunteers in order to assist them. There are problems that the board may not be aware. There are ideas to make things more productive that the board needs to know, and maybe a "Thank You" from the board needs to be said, for a job well done.
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