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By Tampa Bay Harvest on 9/11/2012 3:49 PM
In addition to the fact that our crops are working crops, we are doing our research, to find out what is and is not working well.

The oldest or our first garden is only nine months old this month. We have at least one more good grow this year. The garden in Hillsborough is now being further prepared for the upcoming season and the composting and seedling operations will be implemented further into the overall operation.

Pinellas Gardens are being visited this week to evaluate and begin the process of preparing all three for the upcoming season. All of the gardens are and have been producing and are growing in actual size as well.

As with our other garden the same holds true with composting and seedling operations all joining together nicely.

The gardens in Pinellas at younger, approximately six months old.

The latest project is very close to a start date. Funding from JP Morgan Chase is close to being approved. A grant was submitted last week and all indications are...
By Tampa Bay Harvest on 4/20/2012 7:44 PM
Every organization depends on the people in the trenches. The volunteers are the backbone of T.B.H..With out volunteers T.B.H. would not exist.Not only are they the un-sung heros but most of them have never been sung to.

There are volunteers that have been with T.B.H. for decades and have never heard from a director or a board member. Why? Because they:

  • Call in thier poundage daily.
  • Find thier own replacements when on vacation.
  • Solve their own problems.

In an effort to assist our greatest asset, "our volunteers", the board is currently looking for a volunteer cordinator with the time to be a liaison between the volunteers and the board. The board needs to hear from volunteers in order to assist them. There are problems that the board may not be aware. There are ideas to make things more productive that the board needs to know, and maybe a "Thank You" from the board needs to be said, for a job well done.
By Tampa Bay Harvest on 4/20/2012 7:43 PM
The first few months of 2012 have been surprisingly productive in regards to donations of food, both in our regular routes, to the schools, supermarkets and restaurants, which have been holding steady but our bulk pickups of fresh produce, drinks, some dairy, Boar’s Head (meat) have all been up and that it a good thing.
By Tampa Bay Harvest on 4/20/2012 7:42 PM
Our longtime donor Southland (7/ Eleven) has had some major restructuring of their logistics contracts. Those are the folks that actually handle the perishable products for 7/Eleven Stores.

The poundage has been down over the pasted few months and that explains it. On the up side of that is we will be going to Lakeland, starting May 1st. to pick up some of the Orlando’s 7/11 warehouse which closes April 30th, then our Tampa location is slated to close in June with all of that also going to Lakeland.

We are negotiating with Second Harvest Orlando for the days, the pick up remains primarily TBH but we have been asked to share, as the volume will be double what it was. We will keep at least four days.
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