Our Own Harvest

This is the first garden that Tampa Bay Harvest has become the lead agency on. With funding from United Way Tampa Bay to the Network to End Hunger we were able to install four organic "Grow Boxes" on the campus of Lighthouse International in Riverview. We are planning on our first harvest by the first week of February.

Check our photos on the right to see the first plants. With the help of Lighthouse and David Withwam of Withwam Organics, we were able to plant the first batch in the ground during the first week of January.

Coming soon to Pinellas County, two new Gardens: one in Tarpon Springs and one in Clearwater ... Look out St. Pete we are on our way. Check back often as there will be Volunteer opportunities at different gardens very soon ...

Blossom School for the Deaf in Clearwater

Last two pictures on the right shows our latest garden. It is 6 weeks old and is on it's ready to Harvest for a second time! Located at the Blossom School for the Deaf in Clearwater, the garden is being cared for principally by the kids at the school and other local kid programs which come to help and learn.

What's up Doc - May 1st

Today at Lighthouse in Riverview May 17th, Carrots, Carrots and more and this is just part of today's harvest. This is the garden that when in January of this year.

Pole beans, peanuts, melons and more - Sept 1st

Even late into the summer our Riverview Garden at Lighthouse is still producing , pole beans, peanuts, melon and more. The garden will be one year old in January.

Green beans and sweet potatoes - Oct 17th

Check out our pictures of our latest harvest in the Lighthouse garden.

Garden Anniversary - Dec 13th

Even this late in the the season the Garden at Lighthouse is still producing, Sweet potatoes, peanuts, pole beans and more. The Garden is closing in on the one year anniversary on January 9th.

Tampa Heights Community Garden - Earth Day Celebration on April 21

Join the Tampa Heights Community Garden for a day of fun. Free for all ages and pets are welcome.

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