Featured Donors

From time to time we feature some of our donors here. Please help us thank them for their awesome contribution to our community.

Becoming a food donor is as simple as making a telephone call. No donation is too big or too small. Interested donors would call our voice mail system at 727-538-7777 ext. 1, which is retrieved hourly. We will acknowledge your call and react accordingly.

A Simpler Place in Time


A Simpler Place in Time began out of a desire to educate our community on the benefits of eating better and more responsibly.  From this desire stemmed the idea that we return to what had been normal practice not too very long ago.  A return to a time when we raised animals in their natural environments; we grew produce locally and organically and ate what was available in season.

The Stone Soup Company


It would be easy to describe The Stone Soup Company as a soup and sandwich place in an urban environment, but that would be one of the biggest understatements in Tampa. The Stone Soup Company is the brainchild of proprietor, visionary, chef Ilya Goldberg that started as just a place to buy a cup of soup. But after a week in business, it quickly evolved into sandwiches, salads, gourmet dinner selections, late night appetizers, and gelato.



Trans-Global Products has been importing quality seafood since 1982. They are committed to providing their customers with superior, safe and affordable seafood.

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