100k Pound Plus
St Pete Free Clinic 100k Pound Plus Certificate

Thanks Bob Evans
It was great meeting Eric and Jim from Bob Evans restaurant today.

Tampa Bay Harvest received a $4000. donation from them.

We Will be beginning to pick up the donation of leftover food on a weekly basis as we Always had done prior to the closing of the restaurant due to a sinkhole. Watch for the opening in October. Great friends and partners at Bob Evans!

Thanks to Enterprise Holdings
In 2013 the Enterprise Holdings Tampa Group was chosen as a recipient of the Jack Taylor Founding Values Award. This great honor was received due to the tremendous effort of the employees in the Tampa Group. With this award their group has received a grant for $20,000 that they were able to use to support our community. Although there are many deserving organizations it was determined that 'The Sustainable Living Project' would be the chosen recipient. 'The Sustainable Living Project' opened in April of 2013 and with only one acre of land, have already produced over one ton of healthy produce, which is distributed to various food banks in the Tampa Bay Area. Because of such wonderful support and volunteers the project now have also added a Tilapia Tank, Honey Bees and Chicken Coops, which will also serve in helping feed our community by providing fresh eggs, fish and honey. Will Carey, Executive Director and Operation Manager, has already used a portion of the donation to add Solar Panels to the project which "provide all of the electricity we could ever need".

In addition to the grant, dates will be set up to partner their Group 42 Family with others to assist in the upkeep of this wonderful program. Volunteers are always accepted and families are welcomed.

Drew Akers, Bob Medina, Mona Warren, Gayle Pavek, Zach Drewes, Dan Demeo, Don Duckworth & Tiffany Sotelo

25 Years working to end hunger on our communities
Celebrating 25 years working to end hunger on our communities We just wanted to Thank all of our Volunteer, Donors, Partners, and All of the wonderful friends of Tampa Bay Harvest.

We are in our 25th Year of Operation and will continue "working to end hunger in our communities."

Many People, Many Miles, Many Meals...


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Tampa Bay Harvest operates through sponsors who are necessary for our continued operations. Sponsorship can be through either cash or non-cash.

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Becoming a food donor is as simple as making a telephone call. No donation is too big or too small. Interested donors call our voice mail system at 727-538-7777 ext. 1

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Tampa Bay Harvest is an all-volunteer organization that transports donated foods from those who have it, and do not want it, to those who want it but cannot afford it.

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