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Join us in our fight against hunger in the Tampa Bay area!

Tampa Bay Harvest, Inc ("TBH") is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) charitable organization operating in West Central Florida, including Pinellas and Hillsborough Counties. We function as a food recovery and gleaning organization.

Over 250 TBH volunteers pick up leftover, sale dated and quality excess food items from local supermarkets, restaurants, as well as other food related businesses, delivering the rescued food to one of the more than 100 local area charities served by TBH who, in turn, feed the hungry. In addition, we now operate a ‘free’ grocery store in Tampa serving our community citizens directly.

Since being formed in 1989 TBH volunteers have delivered over 60,000,000 pounds of food to the local charities that serve the needy citizens of our community. We provide high-quality food that restaurants, grocery stores, food distributers and caterers would have otherwise gone to waste.

By rescuing this food and using the same to feed the needy of the Tampa Bay area, TBH volunteers enable local charities to expand their services despite already stretched budgets. Applying a conservative value of $1.50 per pound to the donated food means that since 1989 TBH volunteers have enabled local charities to use approximately $81,000,000 for other services. Services such as continuing education, job training, day care and medical care, rather than using these funds to feed their agencies clientele.

To meet its operating requirements, TBH relies on generous individuals and corporate partners who share our vision. TBH currently has no paid positions. All positions (including its Board of Directors) are filled by volunteers who use their resources, homes, offices and private vehicles to complete their volunteer functions. All operating needs such as: warehouse space, transportation, postage, photocopies, telephone costs, etc. are all fulfilled by donations from the community.

Join us in our fight against hunger in the Tampa Bay area. If you are interested, please go to the GIVE section to learn how you can help today!




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