Give thanks so many are growing to end hunger
The garden has 22 raised beds, including two that are higher for harvesting from wheelchairs. The vertical towers are used for climbing vegetables. The fish tank and water system circulates through beds of aquatic Korean spinach, Mexican tarragon and an algae high in protein to feed back to the talapia residing in the tank. Will Carey, executive director of Tampa Bay Harvest, never stops moving and his hands are always waving one way of another. He’s an expert at motivating people, even kids who don’t want to work. Swiss chard is one of the most colorful and useful vegetables. Its fresh leaves and chopped stems are a great addition to any salad. They can also be cooked like spinach.

When Will Carey was a chef in Brooklyn, he was concerned about all the food that went to waste. So ever since he moved to Florida in 1994, he’s been busy working to end that practice and ensure no person goes hungry.

He started as director of food services for Salvation Army, and today is the executive director and manager of operations for Tampa Bay Harvest, a group that has recovered and distributed 70 million pounds of food in Pinellas and Hillsborough counties since 1989. Last year, alone that number was 5 million pounds.

He has 200 regular grocery stores, restaurants, growers and the like donating food and 400 agencies that distribute it. If you have food left over from a wedding or party, call on him and he’ll see that your food gets to those who need it at once.

I was happy to know that Carey worked with my late friend Polly Shewfelt and her husband, Gene, with whom I often went gleaning for several years until we all got too old. It was a very rewarding and pleasant way to be useful.[more]

25 Years working to end hunger on our communities
Celebrating 25 years working to end hunger on our communities We just wanted to Thank all of our Volunteer, Donors, Partners, and All of the wonderful friends of Tampa Bay Harvest.

We are in our 25th Year of Operation and will continue "working to end hunger in our communities."

Many People, Many Miles, Many Meals...


Some work harder than others
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Tampa Bay Harvest operates through sponsors who are necessary for our continued operations. Sponsorship can be through either cash or non-cash.

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Becoming a food donor is as simple as making a telephone call. No donation is too big or too small. Interested donors call our voice mail system at 727-538-7777 ext. 1

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Tampa Bay Harvest is an all-volunteer organization that transports donated foods from those who have it, and do not want it, to those who want it but cannot afford it.

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