Seminole Heights community garden robbed in fishy tilapia heist

The 20 days of rain that recently pounded the bay area proved to be the perfect cover for a bizarre heist: Someone stole 400 pounds of tilapia used to fertilize a community garden in Seminole Heights that donates whatever it produces.

As if that wasn't fishy enough, there's also this: It may have been an inside job.

"We've basically had 16 to 18 months of work go to waste," said Tampa Bay Harvest Inc. executive director Will Carey.[more]

This garden grows a food network, from the ground up
TBO - Sustainable Living Project

A can of beans can help make a meal. Knowing how to grow beans, that can be done in perpetuity.

That’s the idea behind Tampa Bay Harvest’s Sustainable Living Project that’s blossoming on an urban lot across the street from Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa.

Tampa Bay Harvest is a not-for-profit organization that helps feed hungry Tampa Bay residents by distributing food to charities. Most of the food is collected by volunteers from supermarkets, restaurants and other food-related businesses. The Sustainable Living Project creates another food source by growing crops such as carrots, yardlong beans, strawberries, watermelons, pineapples and peanuts. The project also incorporates aquaponics to raise tilapia fish on the property at 918 W. Sligh Ave.[more]

The sustainable living project: a view from above
Sustainable Living Project Aerial View

Brand NEW Project!
TBH and More Health have been awarded the needed funds to move forward with a brand NEW Project!

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Some work harder than others
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